Only cost to this Oklahoma event is if you want a event shirt or patch or even a Route 66 Scavenger Hunt card

Partial of all the event like the shirt sale (after paying for the shirts) the rest goes to St. Jude's and half of the patch sale (After paying for the patches) goes to St. Jude's and half of the Route 66 Scavenger hunt card (After paying the winner) the other half of the sales goes to St. Jude's 50/50 Ticket Sale half will go to the winner and the other half goes to St. Jude's and all from the live auction 

Check In Table: Janie Space                                              Route 66 Scavenger Table:                                                50/50 Ticket Sales: Angie Ryan                                          Friday Night Dinner Ride RC                                                                     Friday Night Dinner Ride TG:                                                                          Event Flyer: Michelle Medlock                                                                           Live Auction: Doug Johnson  


                           Event Shirt $20.00

                                        Event Patch $10.00

       Everyone will need to check in and sign a ride WAIVER                even if you don't order a event shirt or patch we need the headcount                    

Note: after adding to your cart if you want to continue shopping to add another Rider, Shirt size or patch hit the continue shopping button at the top right hand side in your shopping cart that will take you back to the check out page where you can add to your order.